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2 min readNov 25, 2020

As part of our wellness series, we were recently lucky enough to feature Molly Goel of Wellness Finesse. Molly uses her background and skills in dance, choreography, and fitness to create fun and effective workouts. Wellness Finesse is an Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channel that focuses on fitness, home workouts (including dance routines), and overall wellness. She shared tips and tricks about the importance of taking care of your physical being via Instagram live, and she will soon be offering choreography lessons that you can learn more about on Facebook.

Today, we’d like to talk about how to cure those oncoming winter blues…

Your morning routine is especially important. It’s no secret that if you positively set the tone for the day, it impacts your mood and energy levels. So how do you start?

  1. In the morning you can do some light exercises and light stretching in bed to wake you up; this way you won’t feel the burden of having to get out of bed to exercise especially if it’s cold.

2. Have a glass of water close to your bedside to drink to wake up your body systems.

3. Personally, I put some classical music as my alarm ringtone. Studies have shown that classical music in the morning can be quite soothing and motivating.

4. Once you’re up and out of bed, I would change out of your pajamas into regular clothes. This is a good practice people have adopted during the pandemic because many have reported that staying in their pajamas with unruly hair throughout the day makes them feel lazy and unproductive, but when they changed in to casual clothes with hair done (at least combed), they feel more motivated to do work and even exercise.

5. Find excuses to be physically fit: I keep my study table on the upstairs floor. that way I have to come downstairs to get food or water. I use downstairs, furtherest from me bathroom so I have to walk. If you do not have two story house then just place your work at the furthest corner of the house from the kitchen and use the furthest away bathroom when you have to go.

6. Remember music is your friend! I like to play my favorite songs throughout the day no matter what I’m doing. it keeps me motivated especially when I want to be physically active.

Hope you find these helpful! Thank you Molly, for encouraging us to take care of ourselves.

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